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If you, your family or your company wish to get away from the city for a little "re-creation" in the country, consider visiting ThunderGorge for a weekend, a week or more. A few miles from the Trinity River and on the eastern edge of Central Texas (Freestone County), ThunderGorge is a sustainable rustic camp on six acres of pine, yaupon, oak, and walnut trees. Accommodations include two large sheds with electricity to keep you and yours warm or cool, a covered outdoor kitchen with running water, a composting outhouse and open spaces for a tent. ThunderGorge has no phones or internet so you'll get that chance to sit back and talk with each other. And at night, with stars down to the horizon, you'll want to study your constellations while enjoying the calls of whippoorwills and tree frogs. Plenty of fire wood for a short or long stay.


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